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In 2010, Gold & Silver Physical Metals KG registered,EMGOLDEX (Emirates Gold Exchange) in the territory of UAE in Dubai. EMGOLDEX is an online shopping portal trading smaller quantities (1 gram - 100 grams) of the world famous manufacturer of Emirates Gold DMCC.

With sustained experience of retails sales in investment gold, the parent company combined traditional direct sales with a specially developed system of moving goods on the recommendations of others via a new investment and trade program.

Using the new EMGOLDEX marketing system, the company offers its clients a lucrative business model; whereas, anyone can be paid commission on the marketing, advertising, consulting and attraction of new gold buyers.

Main Table of Orders

Gold is a product that sells itself. That's why EMGOLDEX created a simple and affordable marketing program. They launched an internet store where gold buyers can purchase gold and participate in a selling of gold earning bonuses for the marketing, advertising and selling of the gold products.

EMGOLDEX has designed of the simplest marketing formulas we have ever seen! They call it the "1 + 2 formula", meaning that you purchase your gold ingot, and then find two other gold buyers to do the same. Its a team effort, and everyone in the table of orders, is working together to complete that table.



Register Gold Buyer

As an EM GOLDEX gold seller, it is your responsibility to help your new gold buyer get set up and acquainted with their new back office. Follow the below recommendations to ensure the healthy growth of your team.

Goal 1 - Personally walk your gold buyer through the registration process. This will ensure they sign up in the correct place, and that all their questions are answered.

Goal 2 - After registering your new gold buyer, direct them to the MY DOCUMENTS page and get them started on uploading their paperwork.

TIP - If there is no scanner available, you can use your smart phone and take a picture. Email yourself the picture(s), upload them and submit for approval.

Goal 3 - Finally, you should encourage your new buyer to update their own image (Avatar); so that, others in the team can visually find them quicker.


about-2Make Personal Purchase

Now that your gold buyer is registered, its time to purchase their initial gold; so that, they can be positioned into the Main Table of Orders. There are three ways to pay for the gold; (1) Wire Transfer, (2) Coupon Code, or (3) Internal Account (funds in their account).

NOTE - All new gold buyers only really have the Wire Transfer option; unless, someone in their team has a coupon code available. Until this new buyer cycles (receives a bonus payout), they will not have funds available in their account to pull from.

Wire Transfer - You can speed up the process by emailing your wire transfer receipt to EMGOLDEX. Once they receive the proof of wire transfer, they will place the new gold buyer onto the table of orders.



Fulfill Marketing Formula 1+2

Here is where the fun begins! Marketing to new gold buyers is why EM GOLDEX is paying bonuses. To qualify for a bonus, you must find two personal gold buyers; hence, the 1 represents you, and (+) the 2 represents two new gold buyers. Complete this simple task and you are on your way to success.

EM GOLDEX has made their marketing program really simple. Once you have completed the 1 + 2 formula, then all you have to do is replicate it as many times as you wish. Remember to train your new gold buyers to do the same for a successful, long-term career.




International Conference Emgoldex





















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Legal Documentation & Registration Information - EmGoldex.

Gold & Silver Physical Metals KG is the parent company of EM GOLDEX. KG is a legal indication of a Limited Partnership that was formed between the founders, Gunter Seefeld and Michael Ryss.

Federal Registration No. HRA 93019
Gold & Silver Physical Metals KG is registered in the Common Register. You can use the public database to search any registered company. To do a search, use the button below and type in the registration number "93019.


Gold & Silver Physical Metals KG
Lerchenauerstrasse 18-RGB
D-80809 Munich, Germany

Tel: +49 89 324 96349
Fax: +49 89 324 96351




EMGOLDEX Limited (Headquarters)

Certificate of Incorporation No. IC/2681/10
EMGOLDEX Limited is registered with the Government of Ras Al Khaimah, Free Trade Authority. All requirements of the regulations concerning the formation of an International Company have been satisfied.

Company-Legal-Maxmilian-Strasse-13EM GOLDEX Limited  Correspondent address:  Singel 540 Amsterdam 1017 AZ Netherland 


Marketing Department: e-Mail: marketing@emgoldex.com Department of deliveries and arranging storage: e-Mail lagerung@emgoldex.com 



EMGOLDEX TRADE DMCC (Administrative Office)

EM GOLDEX TRADE DMCC is registered & licensed with the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre Authority (DMCC). The DMCC is a free zone authority for the JLT Free Zone. It provides the physical, market and financial infrastructure required to set up a commodities market place in Dubai.

Because EM GOLDEX's corporate office is in Germany, they are subject to the laws of Germany; which is what regulated section 4.1 of the Agreement on the provision of service. EM GOLDEX is held to the highest standards of the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre Authority (DMCC).

Company-Legal-Jewellery-GemplexEMGX F.S. Ltd,Administrative Office Suite 1, Second Floor, Sound and Vision House Francis Rachel Str. Victoria, Mahe Seychelles.Tel: +44 12 332 80653    


Gold provider: EM GOLDEX TRADE DMCC     Unit No. 705, Indigo Tower Plot No. D1,  Jumeirah Lakes Towers Dubai United Arab Emirates. info@emgoldex.com    www.emgoldex.com


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Золото - металл богов и королей!
Покупка и продажа инвестиционного золота в слитках. Организация ответственного хранения и страхования в специализированных хранилищах Германии, Швейцарии и Объединенных Арабских Эмиратов.
Программа Goldex
Программа Goldex объединяет самые лучшие инструменты современного маркетинга, позволяющие расширить рынок сбыта и увеличить объем продаж.

В течение 5000 лет, начиная от правления от фараонов и заканчивая временем президентов, золото всегда олицетворяло признак власти, могущества и богатства. Тот, кто имел золото, тот всегда имел деньги.

Ничего не изменилось и в наши дни. Тот, кто имеет золото, тот всегда будет иметь деньги. Исчезали государства, исчезали валюты, и только золото оставалось мерилом стоимости товаров и услуг. Золото — это уникальный товар, который никогда не обесценивается, а обесцениваются лишь товары, которые никогда не смогут сравниться с золотом.

Спокойствие можно купить только за золото. Это неоспоримый факт!

Важное сообщение!

Уважаемые клиенты и потенциальные клиенты интернет-магазина Emgoldex,
Интернет-магазин Emgoldex работает и развивается по всему миру, поэтому появляются лица, которые стараются выдать свою деятельность или деятельность своих юридических лиц от имени единственной официальной компании и интернет-магазина Emgoldex. Используя фирменное наименование и бренд компании для продвижения и распространения товаров и услуг, эти лица вводят в заблуждение других клиентов и потенциальных клиентов интернет-магазина...

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